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MACD Expert Advisor

The RobotFX Team is building MetaTrader expert advisors, indicators and scripts that can assist traders take the right decision when trading forex, futures or stocks. While there's no such thing as 'holy Grail' when it comes to FX trading, our trading tools can help forex traders reduce the time traders usually spend analyzing the charts and greatly increase their chance of success by analyzing technical indicators and price information and trying to predict the price action.
MACD Expert Advisor
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Metatrader MACD trading expert advisor that can trade with the trend - defined by the MACD indicator, using the Stochastic indicator to confirm the trade entries.
  • Trade following the trend given by the MACD and enter trades according to this trend (trend can be disabled)
  • Use Stochastic as confirmation and enter/exit trades
  • When trend reverses, close opened trades and open other trades accordingly
  • Place stop-loss, take-profit, trail, break-even, etc.
The RobotFX MACD expert advisor ideology is meant for the traders that are familiar and use the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator in their trading decisions. The MACD EA is easy to set up and use, as it can be seen from its settings below.
MACD Expert Advisor Metatrader
RobotFX MACD EA can identify the trend and enter trades accordingly by following the MACD indicator
To make sure the expert advisor trades in the right direction (ie with the trend) the trader can choose to follow the trend given by the same MACD settings used to enter/exit the trades. The trader can choose any other values depending on the traded pair. The trading signals are based on the intersection of the MACD’s signal line and the main line.
Following the trend, the EA sells when the MACD main line drops below the signal line and it buys when the main crosses the signal, up. The stop-loss and the take-profit are set immediately after the trade is opened, making this expert advisor compatible with the ECN brokers.
MACD Expert Advisor
The MACD expert advisor uses the Stochastic indicator for entry confirmation
  • Enter your Client Email - fill this with your email IF you are using a paid version of this EA on a LIVE account
  • MACD Settings - sets the MACD settings, the fast and slow moving averages and the signal MA
  • UseMACDTrend - if set to true the EA will consider buying/selling only when the MACD is above/below the 0 level
The same MACD settings are used for the trend detector and for the entries/exits.
  • STOCH Settings - sets the Stochastic settings used for entry/exit confirmation, if used (below)
  • UseStochConfirmation - if set to true the EA will consider buying/selling only if the Stochastic is oversold/overbought
  • Trading Settings - using this settings the trader has the option to set the lotsize of the trades, the stoploss and the takeprofit as well as the trailing stop (breakeven) and the trailing step
  • CloseAtOppositeSignal - if set to true the EA will close the opened trades when an opposite trading signal appears, according to the EA’s settings (MACD, Stochastic etc). In other words, if there’s an opened buy and a sell signal occurs as in the picture above, the EA will close the opened buy trade
  • ReversedSignal - instructs the EA to open long trades when short (sell) signal occur, and vice-versa
  • EA Settings - using this settings the trader has the option to choose the maximum number of trades allowed to be opened by the expert advisor, the slippage and the magic number, in case there’s another EA used to manage the trades opened by this expert advisor
The trader has also the option to use the Stochastic indicator to confirm the entries and/or the exits. In the example below, using the default settings settings, the MACD EA opened three trades (maximum allowed) when the trend was up, the MACD raised above the signal line and the Stochastic was oversold, and managed to close one by trailing stop and the other two at take profit.
To better manage the trades, the EA can limit the number of the total opened trades and it can also close the opened trades at opposite signals.
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