MetaTrader Alternative Payments

The RobotFX Team is building MetaTrader expert advisors, indicators and scripts that can assist traders take the right decision when trading forex, futures or stocks. While there's no such thing as 'holy Grail' when it comes to FX trading, our trading tools can help forex traders reduce the time traders usually spend analyzing the charts and greatly increase their chance of success by analyzing technical indicators and price information and trying to predict the price action.

Alternative Payments

The main payment options that used to acquire the paid RobotFX trading tools is PayPal, and was implemented due to its simplicity. There is no need for a Paypal account to make payments using a debit/credit card, however there might be a Paypal commission associated to the payment. Therefore we do not fully recommend it, unless aiming for a fast payment procedure. Other payment option are listed below:
  • Bank Wire/Transfers - We recommend using WISE for this payment method because of safety, fast speed and LOWEST COMISSION FEES; ask us for our bank/account details.
  • WISE will also allow money transfers between different currency accounts while providing with the real exchange rate, unlike banks or Paypal who will charge for exchanging the currency as well as higher transfer fees. The cost of sending ₹ to $
  • Payoneer - is a financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provides customers with working capital. If you already have a Payoneer account you can easily make payments to any other company through it
  • MoneyGram - world wide known money transfer that does not require an account, available in almost any currency/country (contact us for the recipient name & address)
  • Western Union - world wide known money transfer that does not require an account, available in almost any currency/country (contact us for the recipient name & address)
When sending money in person, the validation may require extra time. We strive to deliver the purchased product(s) in no more than 2 days from the time you'll send us the transfer details (your FULL name, MTCN or Reference Number and the amount paid)
    • BitCoin - momentarily we only accept this digital currency, no others

    1. Check the price in $ for the product or product/s you intend to purchase
    2. Convert the amount of $ into ษƒ - you can use Google or
    3. Use the code above to pay then let us know and wait for our reply
    Next we will check that the payment has been done and that the ษƒ received (at the moment of checking) is approximately the same value as the price in $, then deliver your product/s.

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    Make money with RobotFX

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