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Alternative Payments

The main payment options that can be used to used to acquire the paid RobotFX trading tools is PayPal. This is highly recommended due to its safety and simplicity. Also, no Paypal account is required to make a payment. Other payment alternatives are listed below.
  • PayPal - if there are any issues using the payment buttons on the product’s page, please use our PayPal profile page to make the payment


  • Payza - offers the same services as PayPal does, however many of their services have lower fees; you can pay using Payza on our sister website robotfx.info
  • Western Union - world wide known money transfer that does not require an account, available in almost any currency/country (contact us)
  • BitCoin - momentarily we only accept this digital currency, no others

  • Check the price in $ for the product or product/s you intend to purchase
  • Convert the amount of $ into Ƀ - you can use Google or BitCoin.com
  • Use the code above to pay then let us know and wait for our reply
Next we will check that the payment has been done and that the Ƀ received (at the moment of checking) is approximately the same value as the price in $, then deliver your product/s.

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