MetaTrader Complex Trader Expert Advisor

The RobotFX Team is building MetaTrader expert advisors, indicators and scripts that can assist traders take the right decision when trading forex, futures or stocks. While there's no such thing as 'holy Grail' when it comes to FX trading, our trading tools can help forex traders reduce the time traders usually spend analyzing the charts and greatly increase their chance of success by analyzing technical indicators and price information and trying to predict the price action.

Complex Trader Expert Advisor

The Complex Trader is a combination of our best expert advisors features, except for the trading criteria, and it has been designed to make the process of ordering an expert advisor easier. Our version of the Complex Trader trades based on a combination of the price position towards a moving average and the Stochastic action while in ober bought/sold levels. This - the trading strategy - can be customized by the trader, with whatever trading signals. Some examples of trading signals are moving average crosses, MACD position, Heiken Ashi color change, engulfing candles and so on.
When ordering the Complex Trader, you only need to specify your trading signals (entry conditions).
What you get. Each version of the Complex Trader expert advisor includes these by default:
Day & Session (time) trading filter - this appears in many of our products and basically allows the trader to restrict/allow trading for specific days, holidays or periods of time (New York sessions, London or any other custom times)

Money management that makes possible the use of a fixed lotsize or the percentage of the free margin, as well as the option to set a minimum profit or a maximum loss for trades or baskets of trades to be closed (optional).

Stoploss, takeprofit and the possibility to set a limit to the number of trades allowed to open on the same chart, as well as the minimum distance in bars/candles between them

Two types of hedging (a fixed zone or with the trade, and the possibility to use a lotsize multiplier for the hedging trades. Also, it is possible to force opening a hedging trade if price gaps occur and the broker's server fails to trigger a pending hedge order.

Safe martingale, allowed only for a specific number of losses and then deactivated.

Trailing using a big variety of options, such as ATR, moving averages, chandelier or the classic pips.

Multiple options to close opened trades/baskets, such as opposite signals or closing trades if a minimum profit has been reached, and the option to close the Metatrader or remove the expert advisor once the action finished (if selected).

A trading signal confirmation based on the distance from the price to the latest higher high/lower low meant to ignore fake or unreliable trade entries (very useful when trading with the trend).

Useful other features such as trade/chart comments, magic number, alerts and full logs.
The above features have been imported from some of our best expert advisors, such as Fluid (429$), Auto Recovery (114$), or Trailing Stop (98$).
When ordering the Complex Trader, all you have to do is choose the trading conditions. In our example, there are 2 trading conditions, as seen in the settings below.
Download this version if you are new to RobotFX products. And if it has everything you need to match your trading needs, feel free to order your version here, where you will fill the trading conditions in the Entry condition (signal) field. Depending on your trade conditions, the price could vary between 400-500$.
When building a trading strategy, do mind that more trading conditions will restrict the number of trade entries, while less will give you more trades, although probably more riskier.


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